want to be free from sorrow

excerpts from J. Krishnamurti’s “Freedom from the Known”

A.B. Godfreed
2 min readJul 21, 2022


photograph by A.B. Godfreed

follow the words on the page
forget all you have ever thought about yourself
fundamentally interested in oneself
no fear is capable of great love

so much anxiety, misery and conflict
because we are afraid of being nobody
the centre creates the space between
and person
a scratch on the mind

one pleasure dominating all other pleasure
favorite game of escape
be free of this incessant demand
must die —
not physically but psychologically

thought conditions all our action
free the mind from its dependence
no seeking, no asking, no desire, no — thing
that discovery will be your own

talking of complete freedom
inaction is complete action
our relationship with the world
that is all that matters —

your life


This piece is composed solely out of phrases taken randomly from Jiddu Krishnamurti’s (1969/2010) classic text, “Freedom from the Known”, as published by Rider Books.

In this gem of a book, Krishnamurti tells us that the first thing to learn is the importance of not seeking anything in life — be that wealth, knowledge and/or enlightenment. The second thing, he argues is to always make an effort to know thyself, since self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Beyond these two significant considerations, Krishnamurti also insists that we gravitate towards our own freedom from all authority, including that of our personal longings, pleasures, and agonies. These are only a few of the precious nuggets of wisdom shared in Krishnamurti’s contemplation on freedom.

I started reading an e-copy of this book, but got to a point where I just knew that I had to have a hard copy to make notes in the margins. So, I found me a copy in one of Ghana’s finest book shops, Vidya Bookstore, where I also bought me a copy of Krishnamurti’s (1971/2014) “The Flight of the Eagle.” Best buys ever!


Thanks for reading this little piece of mine. Hope you enjoyed it.

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