No Obstacle, Just Way

A path to liberty

A.B. Godfreed
2 min readJun 24, 2022


photograph of Rheinaue park in Bonn (Germany) by A.B. Godfreed

you are
the obstacle
and the path too,
liberty —
then, get out
of your own damned way
w/ realization

none of your
beliefs/ fears/ desires
are real and
what you have
is always never enough
then, stop
pretending to exist — particularly
w/ fear

it, constant
regret, doubt, and disappointment
the ultimate Teflon,
witness your pain — no identification
then, do
the same thing
w/ joy

the full absurdity
of existence,
and the illusion — even of the absurdity
then, know
the real what-is
w/ freedom

where you are
already, here and now,
pilgrimage to authentic Godself
cannot be reached in duality
then, empty
your mind to the beyond
w/ stillness

that between
is and is not,
there’s no distinction
in truth
then, realize
you are no — thing at all
w/ I thought


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A.B. Godfreed

Non-Entity with a clear purpose to transform self (& perhaps the world) through critical consciousness and Love.