or else, “Here’s to destination unknown!”

No one
wants to hear
my truth,
not even myself,
as I wallow
a pity party
for me,
although it could be
for you
of little faith.

And, yes,
I am worn,
down & out,
by hedging my bets on
“not my portion”
but (in need)
a safe

When the dish tried to run away with the spoon.

It was cleaning day at Fossil’s Mansion, and this was never a simple or easy affair. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, got scrubbed, polished, washed, swept, rinsed, soaked and generally cleansed — to the last inch of its natural existence — by the Mansion’s battery of domestic staff.


Could we be Love?

Yes, I know that there is a general crisis of leadership in this world: a loss of integrity, a loss of service to the people, a loss of principles, a loss of honesty, a loss of sacrifice for the common good, a loss of generosity, a loss of knowledge and…

A.B. Godfreed

Non-Entity with a clear purpose to transform self (& the world) through critical consciousness and Love.

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